Practice Areas

Daake Law Office, LLC offers an interdisciplinary practice to meet the diverse needs of our rural clients.  
Agricultural Law


Agriculture is constantly changing.  Proactive legal counsel can assist you in growing your operation in an increasingly litigious and regulated agricultural environment.


Daake Law offers legal services tailored to your farm or ranch operation.  Consult us regarding your land leases, labor contracts, environmental or water regulations, or other concerns. 





Family Law

The law protects an individual's relations with their family members, and rights in certain marital property.

At Daake Law Office, we understand that family issues are vitally important to our clients.  We offer a variety of services to ensure our clients recieve the most beneficial legal outcomes.  We pride ourselves in providing professional representation and fostering amicable relations between the parties.

Real Estate Law

​Real property is regulated by federal and state statute, as well as the common law of contracts and property.  Real estate law effects more than just the property itself.  It also touches the interests, benefits, and rights that are considered legally attached to the property.

Daake Law Office provides comprehensive real estate services, including real estate contracts, deeds, easements, mortgages, deeds of trust, closings documents, and more.

Criminal Law

​The Founding Fathers were imminently concerned with protecting the rights of those accused of crimes.  The United States Constitution offers numerous protections to the accused, including the right to be defended by competent legal counsel.

At Daake Law, we take the responsibility of criminal defense very seriously.  We will exhaust every means necessary to avoid criminal liability, or to lessen the criminal penalties in your case. DO NOT PLEAD GUILTY before consulting us about your rights. 

Business Law


Small business owners must naviagte a variety of legal disciplines, including tax law, intellectual property, real estate, sales, employment law, bankruptcy, and others. 

Daake Law offers a variety of services tailored to your small business.  From corporate formation, reorganization, regulatory compliance, corporate minutes, or dissolution, Daake Law Office can serve your business's needs.



A DUI conviction carries significant criminal and financial penalties, and can affect your college admission, professional licenses, career prospects, and/or car insurance rates.

At Daake Law Office, we understand the serious implications a DUI can have on your life.  Mr. Daake is dedicated to protecting your interests, and preventing one mistake from snowballing into a great deal of troubles. If you've been cited for DUI, DO NOT PLEAD GUILTY before speaking with Daake Law Office about your rights.

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